Jen Shah Has Become a Royal Pain in Andy Cohen's Ass


Suffice to say, February 17 cannot get her soon enough for Andy Cohen.  In a recent interview with fired fake Fox News reporter, Chris Wallace, Cohen found himself in the hot seat when Chris began to grill Andy over some of hs previous statements about Jen Shah's sentencing. 


“You’re on the record, last November, as saying that you hoped Jen Shah would get no jail time, and the question I have is why would you take her side against the thousands of people she defrauded, including a lot of elderly people?”  Totally unprepared, Andy responds, “I think I was hoping that she was actually innocent.” But Chris quickly retorts, “She pleaded guilty!”


Andy then tries to claim that he made the remarks before Shah plead guilty, but Wallace came with receipts; “No. I think it was after”, and he would be correct given that Jen changed her plea to guilty in July of 2022.  A flustered Andy replies, “Oh, really? Oh, God. Um, anyway! Wow, this is fun.”  He then tries to pivot claiming that his comment was taken out of context, explaining that viewers were demanding to know Jen’s status on the franchise.


“And I’m like, ‘It’s up to the judge. She’s about to get sentenced to a lot of jail time.'” But once again, Wallace wasn’t letting Andy off the hook, reminding him that Jen Shah did something really bad.  At that point, Andy had no choice but to agree, and says “Yes, she did,  so she should go to jail.”.  He then adds, "You know, sometimes, if you get to know someone and you get to like them, you hope that they are not guilty of something horrible.” 


Following the interview, with Wallace, Andy got even more heat when Page Six reported that he took to his Instagram Stories, telling fans, “I just want to clarify the context of what I said. I was saying it in response to people wanting to know if she was going to be back on the show. I knew that there had to be some context, and I should’ve asked him what it was.”


Following the debacle with Chris Wallace, Jen Shah became a thorn in Andy's backside again when she turned down an offer to do a one on one interview with him.  I'm guessing that from here on out, Cohen will be keeping his mouth shut until contracts are signed.