Teresa and Melissa Spotted Together in Italy


Teresa Giudice says she is completely done with her brother and sister-in-law (and they with her), especially after the Gorgas skipped out on her royal wedding to Luis Ruelas.


As fans of the show know, the probems between Teresa and the Gorgas are deep-rooted, dating all the way back to when the Gorgas allegedly joined RHONJ behind Teresa and Joe's backs.


Now, after all these years of claiming Teresa knew they were talking to production, it appears that Melissa is finally coming clean.  Some are interpreting Melissa's recent comments made on her podcast as an admission of guilt. Melissa recently told the listeners on her podcast, “When I’m done, that means I’m done ... I’m not mad at you for what you did last year; don’t be mad at me for decisions I made ten years ago". 


We’re just three weeks away from the premiere of Season 13 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and while we prepare for another round of Giudice vs. Gorga, a paparazzi-captured photo of Teresa and Melissa seemingly traveling together in Italy as recent as 11-23-22 (according to the time stamp), has surfaced.  This is relevant because filming wrapped in June of '22. 


If the entire season is going to be based on their alleged feud as we're being led to believe (which it obviously is), then this changes everything for me.   It's ironic that RHONJ, once known for being the most authentic franchises in the series, would resort to such tomfoolery.