Heather Dubrow:  "Something had to be said by us before someone else made a statement.”


Heather Dubrow is clapping back at claims that she shared her son daughter's "transition" for a story line, or to remain relevant as it were.  On Thursday's Let’s Talk With Heather Dubrow podcast, the Real Housewives of Orange County star dusted off her old acting chops and became very emotional defending her March 4 Instagram post in which many fans accused her of exploiting her 12 year old's gender dysphoria.


Dubrow, 54, told listeners, “I saw people accusing me of commenting about my son as a way to remain relevant or for a story line on a show ... neither of these things are true. They are the farthest thing from the truth,” noting that she would never leverage her children for content. 


Heather went on to explain why she spoke about her youngest child’s gender identity when she did. “It’s really all about protecting my kids … physically and emotionally.  It became apparent we needed to say something. What our goal was is to acknowledge who our incredible son is and show how much we love and support our child.”.


Heather denied “hiding” her son, clarifying, “There are other people who want to tell your children’s stories’ for them so … something had to be said by us before someone else made a statement.” Later in the episode, she teared up telling listeners that she will continue to protect her kids and fight for their safety and their rights and their freedom.


When Heather introduced her youngest daughter Collette (aka "Coco") as "Ace" last week, RHOC castoffs Gretchen Rossi, Meghan King, and Alexis Bellino came crawling out of the woodwork to praise and congratulate the proud mother of four, apparently for not disowning a 12 yr. old child and throwing them out of a house.


The Dubrows were very vocal about their other two daughter's proclamations as well;  most recenty when Maximillian  came out as bisexual and Katrina as a baby lesbian.  No word yet on son Nicholas' sexuality yet.  Terry Dubrow told Page Six that he is proud of his children for living as their “real” selves, and if anyone knows about people being their "real selves", it's plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow.