It's Not Looking Good For Jen Shah


According to court documents, the United States government penned a request ahead of Shah's January 6 sentencing recommending that she receive 120 months of imprisonment, or 10 years total.  On Friday, the government outlined its reasoning for its recommendation to the United States district judge in the memo, filed Friday, saying the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star "took a series of increasingly extravagant steps to conceal her criminal conduct from the authorities" and "engaged in a years-long, comprehensive effort to hide her continued role in the scheme." 


"For nearly a decade, the defendant was an integral leader of a wide-ranging, nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme that victimized thousands of innocent people. Many of those people were elderly or vulnerable and suffered significant financial hardship and damage. At the defendant's direction, victims were defrauded over and over again until they had nothing left. She and her co-conspirators persisted in their conduct until the victims' bank accounts were empty, their credit cards were at their limits, and there was nothing more to take."


Additionally, the government argued that Shah is "the most culpable person charged in this case" and her belated expressions of remorse ring hollow."  They noted her post-arrest behavior, including how she went "on a public offensive against the charges and tried to profit off the charges by selling 'Justice for Jen' merchandise", should warrant a longer sentence. In light of all of this, the government believes that giving Jennifer Shah a 10-year prison sentence is sufficient."


Some of Jen Shah's victims are speaking out as well, and asking that the judge impose a sentence which matches the severity of her crimes.


Most legal experts expect the judge to carry out the recommended 10-year sentence, whereas she will most likely physically serve at least 6 years; however, I'm predicting she will be out in 4 and probably serve the last year in a halfway house (which oddly enough, can be worse than prison).  But regardless, just one week from this Friday, Shah's victims will finally see the woman who wiped them out Shah-sentenced, Shah-shackled, and Shah-transported to a women's correctional facility.  Tick tock, tick tock.