America's Next Top RHUGT Star Dishes On New Season


Caution:  Countless quotes ahead.  Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, Eva Marcelle, recently spoke with E! News. “The fab four is back together!  I’m super excited. I love Vicki!” Eva revealed the ladies really bonded during Season 2 of RHUGT. “We had ups, we had downs, we cried, we laughed, we finally whooped it up, and now I feel like the place that Vicki is in, oh my gosh we are going to have so much fun. She is in such a clear and happy place. Phaedra is in such a happy place. And Brandi is going to be Brandi eight days a week ... it’s going to be a riot!”



When asked if she knew the incoming Housewives, Caroline Manzo, Gretchen Rossi, Camille Grammer, and Alex McCord, Eva replied, “I don’t know them!” “I watched OC so I remember Gretchen, but then she left. I remember Gretchen for a minute but I have not kept up with her, but Phaedra is good friends with Gretchen. That’s her girl,” Eva explained. “She’s like a godmother to one of her kids. They are really, really, really close and because of that I feel comfortable knowing Gretchen is one of the girls,” she said.  Talk about stange bedfellows. 


“One of the other women is an actress, which makes me happy” she said, referencing Alex’s acting stint before her appearance on the Real Housewives. “I looked her up, I went on the Google and it came up ‘American actress.’ So I was like, ‘Yay, we got another actor.’ That’s cool,” Eva said.


“Obviously, we all know Caroline Manzo, she’s one of the O.G.s, but I don’t know her personally. I met her at BravoCon, very nice lady. I get great energy from her,” she added. And as for Camille, Eva shared, “I have heard of her. I know that she was married to Kelsey Grammer ... that’s all I know.”