EBK:  "We Were All Fired"


One-season-wonder, Eboni K. Nobody, recently appeared on Two T's in a Pod(cast) with John Mellencamp's daughter and Tamra Judge.  The former Real Housewives of New York City star was primarily there to promote her new (struggling) podcast, but the two T's wasted no time getting to the "shit", as EBK called it. 


When asked if she was still (fake) friends with Leah McSweeney, she chose her words carefully, starting with all the usual  "I consider her a pier" and "I respect her as a single mom trying to make it in NYC", bullshit.  She then revealed that she hadn't even talked to her since October of 2020.  Keep in mind, Leah was the one who introduced Eboni to the show (as a "friend").  Didn't buy it then, and sure as hell don't now. 


Then Tamra asked Eboni about Ramona.  She said that the last time they laid eyes on each other was at Bravocons, where they politely acknowledged each other, but that was it.  She then clarified that she appreciates the fact that she now knows where they stand; that they simply "don't fuck with each other", and she's relieved that they know longer have to do the phony niceties (since they are both officially fired).  


Speaking of fired, Eboni said "BTW, let's cut through the bullshit, we were not let go, or put on pause ... we were all FIRED."  She didn't hold back.  "Look, Ramona (and Luann) and I did the show for VERY different fucking reasons, and that became a huge conflict."  Apparently she has just as much angst rage  for Luann, because she coupled her with Ramona throughout the conversation.  


Ramona's interview that she did with Carlos King shortly after Bravocons really irked Eboni, but she's thankful for that as well, because in her mind, it gives her the go-ahead to now talk about things that she never intended to talk about. I saw that interview, and Ramona merely (and justifiably) denied Eboni's ridiculous accusations, which btw were proven to be lies.  Incidentally, Carlos King was totally team Ramona.  Eboni said she was shocked that Ramona would lie (to King) when she knows damn well that Eboni has receipts.    


Clearly haters themselves, the Two T's then joined in on the Ramona bashing with Tedious Teddi bringing up the Teresa wedding invitation debacle and DINO Tamra declaring that her "friend of 15 yrs. isn't capable of thinking past the present minute".  Then together, they drove home the insinuation that Ramona ONLY thinks of herself.  Eboni of course adamently agreed.   


When asked if RHONY was canceled because of Ramona, EBK replied "Hell no ... I was brought on season 13 because in a city with forty-five percent black and Latina women, this show was long overdue for a woman of color", unintenionally admitting that she was hired due to her (very light) skin color.   She went on,  "They hired a black woman with a law degree as well as a degree in black studies.  I also insert blackness into my everyday life and everything I do."  Yes Eboni we know, and that's why you have now alientated White AND black people. 


She continued. "The network thought it would be interesting, especially during an unprecedented time in America and reckoning; of race in America.  Women like Ramona and Lu had a rough time making space for a woman like me."  Tamra and Teddi then chime in, "Our blood is boiling right now!"


Eboni concluded, "Also, we didn't know each other at all when I joined this cast, which is not usual, and we were starting from scratch. But look, we had an amazing finale where we all finally let our hair down and started trusting each other, on and off camera ... it just took a long time to get there".   "But by then, the press was on me and I was like, I'm not like a housewife from yesteryear whose going to bite their toungue and sit there and play nice for an apple ... I don't give a fuck about holding an apple".  Tamra then chimes in, "But that's what makes a good housewife!" Eboni replies, "Well I would rather be a good woman". 


On a related topic, I just wrapped season 12 on Peacock and was pleasantly surprised how my opinion of Leah McSweeney changed.  This time around I didn't mind her (as much), and by the end of the season, she actually grew on me.  But interestingly, as I'm starting season 13, I'm experiencing quite the opposite with Eboni. Leah has just introduced us to her new "friend". They are meeting on a park bench in Central Park, and in her very first scene, Eboni K Williams shows up wearing a BLM sequined mask (outdoors).  I must have missed this the first time around, because I didn't mind her at first.  Plus, I remembered her from The O'Reilly Factor, but little did we know what an incorrigible C-word she would become .... and has apparently remained.