Denise Richards:  "I Enjoyed Myself On The Show!"


On a recent appearance on Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff asked guest Denise effing Richards if she would ever consider returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  “I definitely would consider it ... but they haven’t approached me.”


When Jeff insinuates that Lisa Rinna was probably a “hurdle” that kept Denise from returning to the show, she quickly corrects him and says "Not at all." Jeff then says that he heard she and Rinna have since “patched things up,” and again Denise corrects him, telling him that’s not the case. “I wouldn’t say, uh, that,” Denise replied before explaining that she and Rinna have exchanged nothing more than “a couple of cordial texts.”  Denise then reiterates that Rinna would have never prevented her from coming back to RHOBH. 


The conversation then switches to Rinna’s exit from RHOBH when Denise asks Jeff if he thought Rinna quit or was she fired. Jeff speculated that it was all about money; that Rinna undoubtedly thought she deserved a raise, but her people probably effed it all up for her, adding that if you are threatening to quit, then you better be prepared to follow through. 


He then elaborated that Andy told him that they have asked several former HW's back, but they always want too much money. Denise then says, “Yes, but also, don’t you think Lisa has a pretty strong enough personality to say don’t fuck up this deal?”.  Jeff respondes, "Yeah you would think".