Andy Isn't Done Exploiting Jen Shah


Love or hate her, Jen Shah made great ratchet reality TV.  Although she was a divisive character right out of the gate, few would argue that Shah, along with Mary Cosby, were responsible for putting the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on the map. 


By the middle of season 2 and following Jen Shah's subsequent arrest, it was all about Jen Shah.  For one and a half seasons, she screamed and cried proclaiming her innocence, even after her assistant and partner in crime, Stuart Smith, came clean and changed his plea to guilty. 


But as her trial date got closer, Jen Shah got cold feet, and the reality of spending a few decades in prison started becoming a very real possibility, so she changed her plea to guilty. Everything after that changed as well.  She was disinvited from BravoCon, the season 3 reunion, and then ripped to shreds by the press, the bloggers, and just about everyone else paying attention. 


Flash to the present.  Following Shah's sentencing on January 6, 2023 , it only took a hot minute for Andy to ask camp Shah for an exclusive interview.  On his Radio Andy show, he revealed that he’s hopeful he will be able to sit down with her as soon as the weekend.


While on the subject, Cohen admitted that Jen’s absence is going to be a big loss for the show, but added that they have “excellent casting” for season four, sparking rumors that the Blessed Mary Cosby is coming back.