Lisa Rinna's Daughter Has Fans In An Uproar




Proud mother, Lisa Rinna is under fire for recently posting an image from her daughter's recent Perfect Magazine photo shoot.  It features her emaciated model daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, in a bikini, draped in jewelry and wearing a long mustace.  Now social media users are slamming the image as “disturbing”.


When asked if she was “promoting eating disorders”, Lisa shared a snippet from Amelia’s conversation with creative director Andreas Kronthaler, the husband of the late designer Vivienne Westwood.  “I didn’t really think very much about it when you came for the casting in Paris. You felt like one of the girls who has always been in the shows. You were very familiar to me, straight away,” Andreas said.


As fans know Rinna has been criticized in the past for, well just about everything, but more specifically for promoting her daughter's personal issues; this one being Amelia's well documented eating disorder. 


I have a few thoughts on this.  First of all, don't we demand full transparency from our housewives?  Secondly, apparently some people aren't getting "Perfect" Magazine often calls out some of the absurdity in today's culture.  This particular piece is titled "Autonomy", and Amelia Gray's image is just one of many other images poking fun at "self-governance."